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Hillclimb Browser Help

Beta Version 1.1 Known to work only with IE6 and IE7 right now. JavaScript must be enabled. Route discrepncies with Gmap are due to differences between DeLorme Topo 6.0 and current TeleAtlas map databases. Most routes created in Topo 6.0.

Google Map Window Clickable icons in Gmap may show more information about the route. The directional arrow buttons in upper left can be used to pan map. Map can more easily be panned by left click-dragging with mouse. Center pan button returns to New England view. The zoom level can be finely tuned below the pan controls. The Map button shows map only with roads and cities. The Satellite button shows imagery only. Hybrid (default) button shows map overlaid on satellite imagery. Map scale is shown just below these buttons. In the lower right corner, a small overview map is shown which may be usefull in some applications. It can be minimized with button in lower right corner.

Units Select English to display elevation in feet, distance in miles. Select Metric to display elevation in meters, distance in kilometers.

Profile Absolute gives profile in absolute elevation above sea level, showing true beginning end ending elevations. Relative gives profile starting at zero, making it easier to compare steepness and net gains of multiple climbs. Cummulative gives total climbing gain. If a climb or route has descents in it and resumes climbing, cummulative profile will show how much climbing was performed at the end of the ride.

Climb Menu Climbs are listed in alphabetical order by USA state or country, and then by climb name. Up/down arrows, draging scrollbar, or mouse scroll wheel can scroll through climbs. Checkbox does not need to be explicitly clicked. When climb is highlighted, it can be selected. One, two, or three climbs can be selected. To start over, press clear button. This clears climb selections only. After making climb selections, press show climbs. Some long climbing routes may take a moment to compute.

Climb Profile Window Climb profiles are plotted below Google map. They are color coded with statistics to the right. The graph uses a VML script. Unfortunately, Mozilla/Firefox does not currently support VML.

Climb Statistics Climb Statistics are units and profile type dependent. The start and end elevations will be zero and net gain for relative profile, and they will be actual start and end elevations above sea level for absolute profile. Cum Gain gives total climbing for route, mostly useful for hilly loop rides. Note average grade is simple average grade, which is net gain over distance.

Steepest Grade By selecting radio buttons in lower right quad, you can find the where the steepest grade averaged over 0.5km, 1km, 2km or 5km occurs in each plotted profile. Note that as smaller averaging windows are selected, accuracy degrades. Reported grade may be more or less. This is a limitation of DeLorme elevation data and finite number of points chosen to represent route.

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